Thursday, November 12, 2009

Foldable studio/strobist Softbox/Octobox

Foldable studio/strobist Softbox/Octobox

If you hate the set up hassles of softboxes, this is the solution, foldable softboxes and octoboxes, Open and Close it like an umbrella

Each softbox and octabox comes with the speedring and frame poles already assembled - to set up, simply slide and lock the poles into place, then simply attach the internal and external diffusion panels.

All Softbox/Octobox is inclusive of speed ring or mounting ring with 2 diffusers

Bowen Mount, same mounting as those of Aurora/Orion/etc.:
Softbox 60x90cm or 24x36inch - PHP 2,800.00
Softbox 80x120cm or 32x48inch - PHP 3,300.00
Softbox 35x140cm or 14x56inch - PHP 2,800.00
Octagonal Softbox 90cm/36inch - PHP 3,300.00

You can also DIY it for your Strobist Kit.

(PM me for the Design of the Flash Mount)

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