Sunday, December 2, 2007

Manujat Cinta

I like this song..Watch the ending. :)

Here is the English Translation

Longing/ Praying / Yearning for Love

Tonight, I’m alone

No one is with me
Like any other passing nights,
Past nights

This heart is always lonely
Nothing to show
Like this love
That always fades away

May God send me (Please God send me)
A kind sweetheart,
Who will love me,
Whoever may be

This rose is getting withered,
Which nobody owns
I am just like this rose,
It’s fading away

Munajat Cinta
The Rock - Featuring Ahmad Dhani

Malam ini, ku sendiri,
tak ada yang, menemani,
seperti malam-malam,
yang sudah, sudah

Hati ini, selalu sepi,
tak ada yang, menghiasi,
seperti cinta ini,
yang s’lalu, pupus

Tuhan kirimkanlah aku,
kekasih yang, baik hati,
yang mencintai aku,
apa adanya

Mawar ini, semakin layu,
tak ada yang, memiliki,
seperti, aku ini,
semakin, pupus



[Chorus] (x2)

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