Friday, July 20, 2007

a walk in the woods

a walk in the woods, originally uploaded by Ruel Tafalla.

A few years ago while I was on training in Holland.


usclabdog said...

awesome picture! is there a book or a technique that i can read to achieve or make great landscape pictures like yours?

Ruel Tafalla said...

Thanks, When I was starting out, I was always reading books from John Shaw. I also get inspired from the works of Michael Reichmann.

Thanks again.

usclabdog said...

thanks for the info ruel, really appreciate it bro =).

jo1 said...

sir ruel, ang ganda nito. =) keep shooting! i'll watch out for more of your photos.

Ruel Tafalla said...

Thanks Jo1...Hope to shoot more..Thanks for visiting too.. :)